Engagement: Naomi & Rodney, Boracay

More than a year ago, I was most honoured to be witnessing the sweetest proposal of my favourite couple and my best friend.

This secret project took more than half a year of planning, involving hotel research and site visit, learning sand castle building from masters in Boracay, and months of practicing, day & nite, sweat & tears.

This lucky girl did not know anything about it, until I brought her to the sand castle at the private beach, (it wasn’t easy making up lies when the guys have disappeared for hours building the sand castle). All her good friends flew all the way to congratulate them. she could not hold her tears anymore, me neither, behind the camera. She has finally found out why he became so tanned and slimmed up so much.

I could write a million words about your proposal, but I thought I would let the photos do the talking :)

Thank you for letting me part of this wonderful journey. I have nothing but love for you guys. :) counting down 2 months till your big day!


AG8A1618 copy

boracay proposal 1

boracay proposal2

AG8A1724 copy

AG8A1921 copy

AG8A1887 copy

AG8A1803 copy












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